Tantalum is a fast growing technology innovator in the connected vehicle market. Tantalum was ranked 14th in Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 in September 2015 and 2016.

As one of Europe’s top connected vehicle companies, it has connected over 1 million vehicles across insurance, fleet and high value consumers. Tantalum’s proposition is concentrated around ‘the connected vehicle’ – a £400bln global market, with an addressable market of over 700mln vehicles. Basing its proposition on proven delivery, including:  

  • Fuel savings - average 12% and up to 22%
  • Reduction in insurance claims of up to 53%
  • Reduction of emissions by up to 20%’; and
  • Recovery of over £500million in stolen vehicles

Tantalum is creating the next generation “go-to” global eco-system for the connected vehicle. Tantalum has built a device-agnostic platform, which has already been integrated with its own proprietary devices, TomTom, Calamp, and now Samsung Connect Auto devices. The solution is also built to be integrated with non-proprietary platforms such as Android and iOS smartphones, and for in-vehicle embedded solutions, included in the autonomous vehicles.




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