Sustainable Technology Fund

DCF manages the Sustainable Technology Fund ("STF"), a £30m Enterprise Capital Fund with the objective of addressing the £0.5-2.0m “equity gap” as identified by the Government in 2005. STF is a UK focussed cleantech fund with investments predominantly in waste, recycling, energy efficiency and biotech.



Aquapharm logo

Aquapharm – Marine Natural Products

Aquapharm is a marine natural products company that employs marine microbes and fungi, a very large untapped reservoir, to discover, isolate and culture new natural compounds through novel production systems.  These bacteria and other microbes can result in new sources of products including nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, enzymes and fuel additives which are valuable for companies seeking new and better products. Aquapharm's key USP is its technology for isolation and culture of new products.


ECO Plastics logo

ECO Plastics – Plastics Recycling

ECO Plastics is Europe’s leading ethical plastic bottle recycler. The business began re-processing post-consumer plastics in 2006 and has over the past five years invested over £30m to quadruple its processing capacity and triple the factory footprint. During early 2009 it became the first UK company to receive food grade accreditation for its rPET resin.

The completion of the business’ £15m joint venture with Coca-Cola Enterprises in 2012 (following DCF’s introduction and support) has seen Hemswell become the world’s largest and most sophisticated plastics recycling facility, capable of processing 150,000 tonnes of mixed plastics a year, including 40,000 tonnes of bottle-grade rPET pellet.

ECO Plastics’ superior cleaning technology allows the company to make the most use of the plastic it sorts, producing 11 different streams of plastic, including food-grade PET. Virtually no waste is left over. Independent research has shown that ECO Plastics’ process is 68% less carbon intensive than using virgin plastics for packaging.


Lysanda logo

Lysanda – Fuel & CO2 Saving Software

Lysanda produces the Eco-LogTM a 'plug-and play' device which helps reduce vehicle fleet running costs by providing highly accurate data on fuel consumption and wastage. Savings are made by improving driving behaviour using the in-vehicle driver aid and management reporting tools. Eco-LogTM has already demonstrated to a number of fleet customers considerable savings on wasted fuel and reductions in emissions. The Lysanda technology is embedded into TomTom business solutions.

Hosted services will shortly be available to provide 'pay-how-you drive' insurance solutions, and breakdown and emergency callout, as well as vehicle and driver performance feedback.


Pyropure logo

Pyropure – Waste Technology

Pyropure's technology is used to eliminate waste at the point of creation. Pyropure destroys waste at the point of creation and then washes the residual carbon residue into the sewer system. This addresses the growing market for de-centralised waste disposal driven by rising landfill taxes and transportation costs. The company has successfully sold into the clinical, care home and food retail sectors.


Q Chip logo

Q Chip – Microplant Technology

Q Chip is a drug delivery company aiming to improve patient compliance and experience through the development of long acting injectable therapeutics.

Q Chip’s proprietary platform, Q-SpheraTM, is a breakthrough microsphere manufacturing and formulation system; compatible with small molecules, peptides and complex biologicals.

Q-Sphera produces uniform microspheres with high API loading and controllable release profiles with minimal burst. This translates to enhanced injectability and reproducible clinical efficacy.