Disruptive Capital Finance

Disruptive Capital Finance LLP (“DCF”) is an umbrella investment partnership set up to source and manage opportunistic investments. Central to DCF's strategy is exploiting dislocations in markets and unlocking value from complex situations.

DCF retains a core team, with a combined investment experience of over 70 years. DCF also draws upon the knowledge of 25 highly skilled independent experts - Cloud Partners - from key sectors with experience of investing in, leading and transforming businesses alongside our own investment partners.

The investment track record of our team, the significant pledge funds and the ability to harness relevant business skills from the cadre of Cloud Partners make DCF uniquely positioned to take full advantage of the exciting opportunities the current markets present.

In 2013, DCF/IFL companies were integrally involved in over £1 billion of equity funding. As a result of these successful activities, DCF/IFL upstreamed £1.5million to its parent, the Truell Charitable Foundation. Click here to view a summary of 2013.

Atlantic Superconnection Corporation

Our plans are to build a 1000km cable between Iceland and the United Kingdom which, once complete, will be the longest sub-sea interconnector in the world, bringing 1.2 GW of sustainable power to 2m British homes. The ‘Ice-Link’ project is backed by our CEO, veteran city financier Edi Truell. It has the potential to deliver reliable, clean, low-cost power at scale, and that makes economic sense to British energy consumers, British industry and the Treasury.

Sustainable Technology Fund

DCF manages the Sustainable Technology Fund ("STF"), a £30m Enterprise Capital Fund with the objective of addressing the £0.5-2.0m “equity gap” as identified by the Government in 2005. STF is a UK focussed cleantech fund with investments predominantly in waste, recycling, energy efficiency and biotech.

Tungsten Corporation PLC's strategy is to monetise its leading global e-invoicing network which processes over £100 billion per year for many of the world’s largest companies (including working with 61 per cent. of the FTSE 100 and 53 per cent. of the Fortune 500), by offering supply chain financing through its own bank. Additionally, it will offer innovative analytics software to apply to the vast repository of invoice data and so save its buyers’ money.

Partner Direct Companies

Partner Direct Companies presents investments made outside of DCF but to which our Cloud Partners and associates have provided financial support and strategic input, often since their inception.

Tantalum Corporation was established to enable monetisation of the connected vehicle by combining a complete stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) solution with the most precise driver behaviour and fuel models in the industry. This has been achieved by the integration of Tantalum’s wholly-owned subsidiary companies, TRACKER Network (UK) Ltd and Lysanda Ltd.

Established in 2005 by Edmund and Danny Truell, successful investors over a 20 year period in both private and public markets, The Truell Charitable Foundation aims to create a charitable endowment of £100 million to support conservation and families of the UK armed forces. Edi and Danny were joined by John Loveless as a Trustee, former Head of SG Hambros' offshore trust and private wealth business. Whilst we offer direct support to scientific institutions to support conservation, our primary objective is to harness innovative technology to tackle the depletion of our world’s precious eco systems. Consequently we developed the TIPS software platform as we believe that this goes to the heart of the problem.